Group Reservations Print
The Plumpton Park Zoo is happy to offer group rates for schools, scouts, and other groups that wish to visit the zoo.

Groups must consist of at least 15 paying admissions to be eligible for a group rate.

Group rates for 15 or more paid admissions are as follows:

Adults (age 13 and over) $10.95

Children to age 12 - $6.95

A one hour guided educational tour of the zoo is available for an additional $35.00

Parking is free.

Reservations are required for groups three weeks prior to the date of your visit.


In order to ensure a smooth entrance to the zoo, please follow the procedure below on the day of your visit:

Please collect your money from parents and children prior to arrival.

Upon arrival, please assemble your group and have them wait outside of the main entrance gates while a representative comes to the admissions window to pay for the group.  Group rates do not apply to individuals that pay separately.  After entry, anyone can get their hand stamped to exit and reenter the zoo.

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